PediatricsIt’s a great experience to see your child happy, healthy, and growing well. As a parent or caretaker, it’s important to have information that ensures you are encouraging proper nutrition and reaching important milestones. Below are some important topics about good health for today’s growing kids.
CDC Childhood Vaccination Schedule

Download this PDFfor more information on the Centers for Disease Control’s recommended childhood schedule and Immunization Schedule for Children 18 Years or Younger.
Childhood Obesity

Now more than ever, we are seeing a skyrocketing number of children struggling with childhood obesity. Many factors contribute to childhood obesity. Click here to learn more about what affects childhood obesity, how to reverse it, and how to prevent it.

It’s important to maintain your child’s healthy diet both at home and while at school, helping them to be healthy eaters and make wise food choices into adulthood. Read important information on school nutrition, healthy snack choices, and more.
Developmental Milestones for Your Child

While every child is different and excels at a different pace, there are some common and general milestones to look for at various ages. This PDF document covers the most common milestones from ages 2 months to 5 years.