Men’s Health

Men's Health
Men have specific health care needs as they age, and it’s important to be diligent about maintaining optimal health. Below are some links to resources that provide information on topics related to men’s health.
Heart (Cardiovascular) Disease in Men

Heart disease can appear in many different forms. While most people think of narrowing of the arteries leading to the heart, cardiovascular disease actually includes a number of conditions that affect the structure or function of the heart. Click on this link to learn more about these conditions.
Male Menopause

Men experience notable changes in their bodies as they age and testosterone production is reduced. From changes in sexual function to sleep disturbances, it’s important to maintain optimal health as you age. Read more.
Building a Healthy Diet for Men

We know it’s easier to choose the quick food option, or the unhealthy one that you know you like. But, it’s extremely important to eat a properly portioned, nutritious diet that helps you maintain your optimal health and weight. Learn more more about the benefits of a healthy diet for men.
Adult Vaccination

More information about vaccination for adults can be found here, and make sure to download the Adult Combined Immunization Schedule.