Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Dr. Gil and Dr. Diego

How do I schedule or cancel an appointment?
Call our office during business hours and a staff member will schedule for you.
Why am I asked to provide my phone number and an alternate phone number?
Sometimes the doctor has to speak with you regarding important results. If we cannot reach a patient, it could be dangerous to their health. The alternate number can be a different cell/home phone number or the number of a trusted friend or relative. We will not tell them any of your medical information. We will only tell them that we are trying to reach you.
How do I get my medication refilled?
Contact your pharmacy 5 days prior to running out of medication. We refill medications electronically.
What if my insurance doesn’t cover my medication?

It can be difficult and complicated when an insurance company denies the medication that your doctor feels is best for you.

There will ALWAYS be a delay in receiving your medication when the medication is denied by your insurance. When this happens, we can try to find a similar medication for your condition or petition your insurance company. Although we are happy to petition, the insurance companies often deny petitions and this route can take weeks before the medication is approved.

How do I get the results of my blood tests?
Your blood test results are available to you online via our portal. We advise checking your results online and carefully reviewing your results after each blood test. If the doctor would like to discuss any abnormal results with you, you will receive a phone call from our office. If you haven’t yet opened an account to get access to your blood work, please ask a staff member at your next visit.

Dr. Diego

What if I lost my QUEST lab order slip?
We also send all blood work orders electronically to Quest labs. You may go have your blood work done at Quest without a slip.
What if I need time off work or disability or FMLA forms filled out?
Please inform us during your visit and we will happily assist you with this process based on the doctor’s recommendations for time off work.
What if I need a referral to a specialist?
Your doctor will order the referral while seeing you in the office. You will then receive a call directly from the specialist’s office in the next 1-2 weeks. Please contact us if you have not heard from the specialist after 3 weeks.
What if I need to see a doctor outside of FFMC business hours?
Please refer to your insurance plan for a covered local Urgent Care or Emergency Room. In case of emergency, call 911 immediately.
At which hospital do FFMC doctors work?
FFMC is affiliated with Doctors Medical Center of Modesto and we recommend receiving all emergency care through this hospital if your insurance permits.


Will my doctor visit me in the hospital?
FFMC doctors do hospital obstetric medicine only. If hospitalized for a condition that is not pregnancy related, our partner hospital doctors will care for you during your hospital stay.
What if I am planning to have surgery and require clearance from my primary doctor?
Please call our office as far in advance as possible and inform the operator that you need a pre-operative clearance. Blood work and other testing is usually required and could cause your surgery to be delayed/cancelled if not scheduled far enough in advance.
What if my insurance company requires I have a yearly physical from my doctor?
Please call us and let the operator know when scheduling that the appointment is for an insurance physical. Sometimes we will contact you to schedule these types of physicals and tests as well.
What if I was given an appointment with a provider that is different from the name on my insurance card?
All providers at FFMC are part of the same network and work together. We will always offer appointments with the provider who can see you the soonest possible, even if different from your card. Your insurance company knows we are all part of the same group and will happily approve your visits with any medical provider in the group. We assure the highest level of care from all our providers.
What if I was given an appointment with an FFMC Physician Assistant?
Physician Assistants (PA’s) will care for all your problems and take care of your needs. They will listen to you, examine you, order tests, prescribe medications and send referrals in the same way as the MDs do. They are part of the provider team and work under the supervision of our MDs.