Vlascovia Rios, PA knows the value of great health and strives to provide compassionate healthcare. She has made it a personal goal to empower patients to learn about their disease state, and then also encourage them to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Rios is a firm believer that with strong faith and family by your side, anything is possible.

A native of Bolivia, Rios has made California her home since she was nine years old. After earning her undergraduate degree, Rios went on to work as a health educator at a public clinic and in public health. She enjoys bringing her dedication to healthcare to the team at Family First.

She, her husband, and their three children learn from each other daily, and continue to grow in their faith together.

Education: Bachelors in Physiology, University of California, Davis; Physician Assistant/Family Nurse Practitioner Program, University of California, Davis

Hobbies: Taking family trips, camping, staying busy with kids’ sports, and experimenting with any healthy baked good recipe that includes dark chocolate, almonds, and coconut